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Gospel, R&B, Doo-Wop, Soul, Jazz and more from  Blues
& Rhythm Magazine, Now Dig This and Big City Blues, as
well as many long out-of-print magazines. Each article
can be read on the screen or downloaded and printed in
easy PDF format. Many rare photographs.
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NEW! Sensational Nightingales – The Story of Joseph "Jo Jo" Wallace & the
Early Days of the Sensational Nightingales by Opal Louis Nations

First-published history of the Sensational Nightingales, this internationally
celebrated Post-War, black gospel music quartet, spanning the last seven
decades. With 40 pages of rare photographs plus interviews with leading
protagonists "Jo Jo" Joseph Wallace and the late Charles Johnson.
Includes childhood recollections, harrowing, out-on-the highway travel
tales, detailed record release appraisals and annotated album
discographies written from a fan perspective.
Published November 2014
To order a copy from the publisher, Click here

To order a copy from Amazon, Click here:
NEW! Brushes With Music: With Strokes in 1960s British Rock
by Opal Louis Nations
British-born artist, poet and singer Opal Louis Nations writes of his
meetings with singers and musicians plus music friends on the 1960s
English rock scene. Encounters include “brushes” with the likes of Alexis
Korner, the Who, Ringo Starr and Paul Jones, among others. He vividly
describes his early musical influences as a teenager growing up in England
in the 1950s and his struggles to make it as a recording artist on the popular
music scene of the Sixties.
Published December 2014

To order a copy of Brushes With Music, Click here:
"Embryo World & Others Stripped Bare" -- 52-page book
of new collages, published in Nov. 2013 by Black Scat
Click here for a link.
"The Complete Unabridged Dictionary of Opal Louis
Nations" -- published by Black Scat Books.
Click here for
a link.
"A Cornucopia" by Opal Louis Nations --
published by Teksteditions of Toronto, Canada.
Click here for a link.
"Mr. Body" by Opal Louis Nations --
published by Teksteditions of Toronto, Canada.
Click here for a link.
Richard Truhlar reads from "Mr. Body", the recent book
by Opal Louis Nations, at the Teksteditions inaugural
launch at The Supermarket, Toronto, on December 5,
To see Opal's 60-page booklet of liner notes and photos to
"Texas Gospel, Vol. 3-5," go to the
CD Production page
To see Opal's 38-page article and photos --"Swingin' On
The Golden Gate" A Survey of Blues, R&B, Jazz & Gospel
Music on Independent Record Labels in the San Francisco
Bay Area, 1945-1958," go to the
CD Production page
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