San Francisco Chronicle Datebook article by Lee Hildebrand, August 28, 2008 (about
the Acrobat Records re-issue project of Bay Area independent record labels from the
1940s and 1950s):   
San Francisco Chronicle article (weblink)
"Gospel Is Their Specialty" article by Larry Kelp for the East Bay Express, 1993
(about the Specialty gospel reissue project):   
East Bay Express article
"Champion of the Sad Song" - West County Times, 1992 (about Opal's KPFA radio
show, the Specialty re-issue project, and more...)
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How Pacifica Fired Opal Nations" - edited by Alexander Cockburn, CounterPunch,
Washington, D.C., July 26, 1999 (Opal's account of his history at KPFA Radio in
Berkeley and the demise of his show)
CounterPunch article (weblink)
"Opal L. Nations: An Interview" by James Campbell - Atropos Magazine, Montreal,
Canada, 1978 (about Opal's creative writings and early career in music in the UK)
Atropos interview (download)
"The Strange Case of Opal Nations" - an Essay by George Myers, Jr. (1982)
The Strange Case of Opal Nations (download)
"Opaling Nations" - by Hugh Fox, Northeast Rising Sun Magazine, Vol. 3, #12/13,
Fall 1978

"Doppelganging Fiction and the Face of Opal Nations" by George Myers, Jr. -
Paper Today
, Toronto, Canada, June 1979

"Gutless Readers Ignore Best" by Stuart Ross (article on OLN and experimental fiction
writers) -
Excalibur, York University, Canada, March 15, 1979

"Opal Nations" - an interview by James Campbell -
Poetry Information #17, Summer
1977, London, England

"Opal L. Nations: the maverick surrealist strikes again" by Frank Nowosad,
Vol. 3, #8, Feb. 20-26, 1978, Victoria, Canada (Review of OLN show at the Art
Gallery of Greater Victoria and the "Gentle Animation Show" performance in Victoria

"Opal Nations and the Case of the Funny Valentine" by Catherine McLeod,
Harbourfront News, Feb. 13, 1978, Toronto, Canada

Review of OLN reading at Artspace, Peterborough, Canada -
Inprint, Vol. 2, May

"Get Ready World" (article on OLN) by Anastasia Erland,
The City Magazine, Vol. 2,
#20, July 23, 1978, Toronto, Canada

"Opal Nations" (review of OLN reading in Calgary) by Clive Robertson -
Oct. 1976, Calgary, Canada

"Poetry reading proves to be entertaining" by Robert Zimmerman -
The Calgary
, Oct. 16, 1976, Calgary, Canada

"Poet sees scope for cultural growth here" -
The Leader-Post, Nov. 10, 1975, Regina,

"Bananology" an article by Anna Banana about Bay Area Dadaists (incl. OLN) -
, June 1974 - San Francisco, Calif.

Review of OLN's book "This Book" -
Cityspan, The Toronto Star, Oct. 16, 1978,
Toronto, Canada

"From bookworks to mailworks," an essay by Ulises Carrion on mail art (inc. OLN) -
Either Or Publications, Fall 1978, Amsterdam, Holland

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